My Journey

My love affair and fascination with clay began 37 years ago when I attended my first pottery class at a neighbouring sugar farm in Shakaskraal Natal, now Kwa-Zulu Natal, in South Africa.

Very soon my enthrallment made my own studio a necessity. After decades my creation of functional pieces in stoneware gradually transformed into my present passion and focus on porcelain which allows for much greater delicacy in construction and glazes.

Changed circumstances meant my husband and I purchased a Rose Farm, in Centurion, between Pretoria and Johannesburg, where growing roses was yet another experience connected with nature’s inspiring magic and beauty.

That love of nature is now focused purely on ceramics and not farming. After 35 years of open spaces and a farming life, I live in a suburban home, still in Centurion, and have been attending advanced

classes, courses and workshops which have taken me to new levels of inspiration and innovation. Through studies and exhibitions I have met many local potters who are great sources of motivation and support.

My wish is that my creations will be a reminder of the breathtaking beauty in all of creation. My present inspiration comes from the variegated reflections of light playing on water as it does in many of Claude Monet’s paintings as well as other shapes that flow in nature.

In 2008 I discovered the courage that is needed to offer works for consideration at exhibitions. Being accepted by judges to join a dedicated group of exhibitors is a feeling that is impossible to put into words. But importantly, it is a process that continues to challenge all ceramicists to reach higher while encouraging and inspiring each other.